REVEAL - Some Marionettes Some Kites (A Few Knives) 7"EP


REVEAL released a nice piece of black wax on End All Parties in 2021. The 7"EP features „Some Marionettes…“, the band´s wildest outburst yet, also included on the "Doppelherz" album and an exclusive high-quality live recording of the never-before-released track „Organs“. Imagine these lunatics would have climbed the church tower of Uppsala with a sniper rifle. On the A-side a precise headshot with a supersonic projectile, on the B-side a well-placed DumDum bullet that rips your arm off and makes you slowly bleed to death. Or imagine something else that could describe REVEAL & their very own world of music much more adequately. The 7"EP appears as limited edition with the potential to become a collector´s item in the future.