RUMOURS - The Lower We Sink, The Less We Care - LP (black vinyl)



140g black vinyl, 350g matte cardboard coversleeve, 300g matte cardboard innersleeve

RUMOURS deliver the soundtrack to all of your apocalypse & funeral parties.
A fierce attack of electrifying Rock that makes the end of the world danceable.

The best mix of that certain Danzig melancholy, the later In Solitude madness, the Beastmilk rage and a cocktail of the Devil's Blood laced with classic solo-sounds alá Dire Straits and consorts, fused and refined into a very unique RUMOURS – alloy.

Recorded with authentic, bloody old equipment, mixed by Martin (Konie) Ehrenkrona at Studio Cobra / Stockholm and mastered by Pieter Kloos at The Void Studio / Eindhoven.